Cordyline plants can add color and style to a home, office or landscape. The leaves of this plant are what distinguish its uniqueness – ranging from glossy green to reddish purple to bright pink and a combination. Cordyline plants can also produce red or yellowish flowers that smell sweet.
Cordyline leaves range from 12 to 30 inches in length and are 4 to 6 inches wide.

Common Cordyline varieties include the following:

◾Cordyline ‘Red Sister’
◾Cordyline ‘Schubert’
◾Cordyline ‘Xerox’
◾Cordyline ‘Peter Buck’
◾Cordyline terminalis
◾Cordyline ‘Anti-lu’
◾Cordyline ‘Black Magic’
◾Cordyline ‘Pink Diamond’
◾Cordyline ‘Bolero’
◾Cordyline ‘Kiwi’

Growing Conditions Required

Cordyline is good grown in US zones 10 – 12. This plant does not like 55 degrees and below in temperatures.

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