If you are looking for distinctive varieties think about Aralias. They are a great plant for dark hot corners of a home or office. The distinct leaves of this plant come in a large variety of leaf shapes and colors. There is the lacy Ming Aralia, the rounded leaves of the Balfour Aralia, parsley shaped leaves of the Parsley Aralia and the crinkled dark green leaves of the Spinach Aralia to name just a few. Followers of feng shui are fond of the Fabian Aralia and feel it brings love, energy, and calmness to home, office, or business. The leaf coloration of different Aralias can be green, white, gold, cream, and variegated. Sometimes the green is so dark it appears almost black.

However, it is the thick woody trunks and interesting branches of specimen Aralias that really make this a distinctive plant.
Although Aralia plants need light, they will survive under low light as they long as they have moist soil. They do best in medium or full sun when grown indoors, but should be planted in shady areas if placed outside. Aralias prefer temperatures between 60 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit, so keep them inside or move them indoors during the winter.

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