Top Four Most Popular Bonsai Starts

Before we go into the top four most popular bonsai, let’s first answer the most common bonsai question we get,” “What is a Bonsai Start?” Bonsai Starts are small plants that are used to create bonsai. They come in 4″ or 6″ containers and can be then groomed into a bonsai plant.  Theses particular varieties of plants are used specifically to create bonsai. The four most popular selling bonsai starts are as follows:

  1. Mini Jade Bonsai –  Here you will see multiple branches that can be trimmed and groomed. This particular Mini Jade Bonsai is in a 4″ pot. They are also available in a 6″ pot.

Mini Jade Bonsai

2. Luseane Bonsai –  The Luseane Bonsai is also referred to as a draft Schefflera Arboricola. This particular bonsai plant, however, was patented and named after the person who invented it, Luseane. Here again, you will notice a small 4″ pot and multiple branches that can be trimmed and groomed into a bonsai.

Luseane Bonsai

3. Ficus Nerifolia – The Ficus Nerifolia Bonsai Start has narrow long leaves. It can come with a straight truck or coiled truck as noticed in the pictures below. Again, what we look for in a bonsai plant are multiple branches that can be pinched, trimmed and groomed into shapes that are desirable and create the Art of Bonsai.

Ficus Nerifolia Coiled Bonsai Ficus Nerifolia

4. Ficus Green Island Bonsai- The fourth most popular bonsai start is the Ficus Green Island Bonsai Start. You will see a theme with the top four selling bonsai in the multiple branches that can be trimmed and shaped into the desired shape of your bonsai plant. I was recently in Japan and saw a bonsai plant that was hundreds of years old and shaped in a circle.

Ficus Green Island Bonsai
Ficus Green Island Bonsai

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