Miami Tropical Plants  serves many garden centers and landscape architects as well as unique projects.  Below are highlights of such projects:

Savannah Airport – February 2016 – Miami Tropical Plants provided Savannah Airport with 12′ trees to beautify the airport.








Moscow Botanical Gardens – October 2015 – Miami Tropical Plants worked closely with a distributor in Latvia to secure 9 rare and exotic tropical plants and palms for the Moscow Botanical Garden in Russia. Miami Tropical Plants located the plants, had them shipped to our location where we secured the necessary nematode and phyto sanitary inspections and prepared all necessary documentation for the shipment. We worked closely with the logistics agents in both the USA and Latvia. We carefully insulated the boxes, created a customized pallet and packed securely for the extreme temperatures.











Toronto’s Pan American Games – July 2015 – Miami Tropical Plants provided many of the plants for Toronto’s Pan American Games through our distributor, Tradewinds International, as seen in the video. Click here to see the video.

Toronto Pan American Games




Lauritzen Garden’s – Omaha’s Botanical Garden – This is a $20 million project that we sourced many of the plants for throughout most of 2014. The grand opening was October 11, 2014. Click HERE for photos of the gardens. For news article click here: 


Waterfall featuring Bromeliads and other Tropical Plants at Lauritzen Gardens

Private Clients – click on link for view of photos

Shady Lady atrium
12′ Shady Lady in a Boston home


Ottawa At Home Magazine – July 2014 – click link for view of article and all photos

Adonidia Palm featured in luxury photo shoot for Ottawa At Home Magazine, July 14, 2014.
Adonidia Palm featured in luxury photo shoot for Ottawa At Home Magazine, July 14, 2014.


Additional pictures of plants decorating this luxury home:


Variegated False Agave
Variegated False Agave
Sansevieria Laurentii


Large Cliff Palms and Thatch Palms featured in an atrium in Ontario:

Cliff Palms, Thatch Palms
Cliff Palms, Thatch Palms


Cliff Date Palm
Cliff Date Palm
Chinese Fan Palm, Foxtail Palm
(in corner)


Thatch Palms next to cascading waterfall

Thatch Palms next to cascading waterfall


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