Ming Aralia – The latest “hot” Plant in the Market

From Maine to Florida, we have been shipping the Ming Aralia (scientific name: Polyscias fruticosa) to customers who just love this elegant plant. With its lacy leaves, the Ming Aralia  adorns any home or office. The Ming Aralia is easy to maintain as well as decorative, adding style and grace to their surroundings.

Unlike plants that branch sideways, the Ming Aralia grows vertically. The Ming Aralia has bonsai qualities in that it is greatly improved by trimming and training. The tips of the Aralia are trimmed in order to encourage more rapid branching and thicken the trunk. The joints, which are closely set, then produce a thick growth of branches and a dense covering of leaves. The stems zigzag, forming a complex candelabra making it an exquisite plant to enjoy.


Aralia Ming Stump

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