Ming Aralia – The latest “hot” Plant in the Market

From Maine to Florida, we have been shipping the Ming Aralia (scientific name: Polyscias fruticosa) to customers who just love this elegant plant. With its lacy leaves, the Ming Aralia  adorns any home or office. The Ming Aralia is easy to maintain as well as decorative, adding style and grace…

Top Four Most Popular Bonsai Starts

Before we go into the top four most popular bonsai, let’s first answer the most common bonsai question we get,” “What is a Bonsai Start?” Bonsai Starts are small plants that are used to create bonsai. They come in 4″ or 6″ containers and can be then groomed into a bonsai…

Searchable Plant Catalog

Miami Tropical Plants is pleased to announce that we have almost 500 plant varieties pictured now on our website. This is a feature that customers have requested when they look at our availability list. Now, our monthly availability lists/order form will have links to pictures on our website so if…

Marketing Tillandsia/Air Plants in your Garden Center

Tillandsia is the scientific name for air plants. There are many different varieties of air plants and they range in size from as small as one’s thumb to 12″ or so. Tillandsia are bare root plants, so they do not grow or require to be planted in soil. They are…

The Coconut Palm with Nut

  These Coconut Palms growing out of the coconut itself are a cute novelty item for garden centers. Several customers have bought them. They are in 3 gallon pots and are about 3 feet in height.  They are cute indeed!

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