Suzanne Mulvehill

Suzanne handles international sales from our Florida location and oversees operations and business development. Suzanne utilizes her international trade experience and her experience growing up in the horticultural industry.

Melissa McKeown

Melissa is completing her Master’s Degree in Business Administration from the University of Bologna and is located in Italy. Melissa combines her experience growing up in the horticultural industry with her experience in the European market.

Caroline DeVries

Caroline DeVries, President of Tradewinds International, is Miami Tropical Plant’s Ontario Distributor.  Caroline has been in the plant business for more than 20 years. She has a Landscape Architecture Degree from University of Toronto.

Mona St. Pierre

Mona St. Pierre, is our Quebec Sales Representative. Mona serves our Quebec customers with exquisite service and in the French language.  Si vous êtes au Québec ou besoin d’aide en français

Kathleen Keane

Kathleen works directly in the head office taking care of all our customer needs. She has been in the plant industry for many years and is ready to take care of all your plant needs.

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