Marketing Tillandsia/Air Plants in your Garden Center

Tillandsia is the scientific name for air plants. There are many different varieties of air plants and they range in size from as small as one’s thumb to 12″ or so. Tillandsia are bare root plants, so they do not grow or require to be planted in soil. They are a great novelty item and can compliment many holidays as they are often packaged as a gift items. They are also great sold individually as a “grab and go” purchase for a garden center. In winter, when many garden center’s have limited heated space, air plants can add a new revenue stream and a comfortable profit margin.

Because air plants are so light and do not take up a lot of space, they can be shipped overnight to garden center’s and do not have to meet minimum trucking requirements. Miami Tropical Plants regularly ship Tillandsia to garden center’s in the U.S.A. and Canada. Also know that in winter, the airplants are shipped with heat packs and insulated boxes to protect them during shipping.

Airplants can be marketed individually or as part of a gift item. For example, they are often made into dish gardens or inserted into glass globes for the Christmas season and ceramic pumpkins for Halloween.

Below are pictures of several different varieties of Tillandsia:

Tillandsia Aeranthos #13


Tillandsia lo Mexican
Tillandsia lo Mexican

Tillandsia Ionantha Mexican

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